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2021 Colorways Cassette release in February 2021 on Gloom Club. Pre-release mixes available at SoundCloud and BandLab. Recorded in quarantine at Climate Studios East & West in Allen, Texas. Mixed by Grant Kuneman at Climate Studios East. Mastered by Britt Robisheaux at Cloudland in Fort Worth, Texas. Executive producer Catherine Frayne at Gloom Club. [lyrics]
2013 The Peculiar End of December 12 songs. 37 minutes. Released 22 November 2013. Recorded at Climate Studio East in Allen, Texas. [lyrics]
2012 32 Short Songs About Boats 32 one-minute instrumental songs at 132bpm with a 30 second intro and exit. 33 minutes total. Released 18 August 2012.
2010 Risen From The Rails 17 songs. 42 minutes. Released 6 April 2010. Additional vocals by Shelley Beach. Album art & layout by Darren Frayne. [lyrics]
2008 Black Coucal 9 songs. 42 minutes. Instrumental. Released 2 January 2008.
2007 Telum 9 songs. 55 minutes. Instrumental. Released 12 December 2007.
2006 Ceaușescu's Great Escape 14 songs. 35 minutes. Released 18 March 2006. Concept album celebrating the lives (and loves!) of all our favorite dictators. [lyrics]
2005 The Stable Boy 6 songs. 22 minutes. Released 11 May 2005. Instrumental.
2004 Sketchily Writ 6 songs. 15 minutes. Instrumental. Released 2 July 2004.
2002 Print 5 songs. 30 minutes. Instrumental. Released 18 March 2002. Original music for a Jessica Solce short film.
2001 The Final Songs 10 songs. 36 minutes. Released 11 September 2001. Additional drums & percussion by Bill Driegert. Additional vocals by Josh McKibben and Chad Stockslager. [lyrics]
2000 Swallow All Letters 17 songs. 58 minutes. Released 1 October 2000. Additional drums & percussion by Bill Driegert. Released on Hot Link Records. Album layout by Tommy Moore. Executive producer Wallace Campbell. [lyrics]
2000 Observations On Friends And Friendship 11 songs. 36 minutes. Released 26 February 2000. Could be considered a warmer lo-fi demo version of our big label debut above, Swallow All Letters. [lyrics]
1999 Bred Mice 12 songs. 50 minutes. Released 23 April 1999. Last album recorded at the Wickersham Lane Music Hole in Austin. [lyrics]
1998 The All-Star Christmas Album 10 songs. 29 minutes. Released 24 December 1998. Featuring all-star guests Alexander Rapstine and Linda Beach. Recorded in Austin and Dallas. [lyrics]
1998 Live For Success! 16 songs. 73 minutes. Released 22 October 1998. Each song approximately doubles the length of the previous song, starting with track one at 6 seconds long. Recorded at the Wickersham Lane Music Hole in Austin. [lyrics]
1998 Deaf Friends Club 6 songs. 32 minutes. Released 23 May 1998. Produced by Steven Collins. Drums by Mike Throneberry. Recorded downstairs at 305 Thompson Studios in Richardson, Texas. [lyrics]
1998 Friends Have Names 12 songs. 48 minutes. Released 15 March 1998. Recorded in the corner of a tiny room at Prather Hall Dormitory building F at the University of Texas at Austin onto analog 8-track cassette. [lyrics]
1997 My First Recording 6 songs. 27 minutes. Released 1 November 1997. Recorded by David Wingo in Cheehyung's bedroom at 305 East 34th Street in Austin, Texas. Additional guitar by Eeh-hyung Kim.

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